Got a copy of the latest old school revival "retroclone" game with crazy cool new art and graphics?

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B/X Moldvay & Cook Basic/Expert Edits Of The Original Rules By Gygax & Arneson
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This character creator uses the Dungeons & Dragons rules from 1981's D&D Basic Set Rulebook by Tom Moldvay and D&D Expert Set Rulebook by David "Zeb" Cook, each based on the original rules by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson and updating the 1977 edition edited by J. Eric Holmes. You can get the original B/X books in PDF form from

Both the Moldvay and Cook rules list the "Detect Invisible" spell but omit its description. Here is it:

Detect Invisible
Level: 2 (MU/Elf)
Range: 10 feet per level of the spellcaster
Duration: 6 turns (1 hour)
Effect: When the spell is cast, the spellcaster can see all invisible creatures and objects within range. The range is 10 feet for each level of the spellcaster. For example, a 3rd level spellcaster can use this spell to see invisible things within 30 feet.

These character sheets are generally compatible with Frank Mentzer's revised "red box" basic and expert sets which became the Dungeons and Dragons BECMI series, though those rules add more complexity. (See the D&D Rules Cyclopedia for details.)

Old School Revival/Old School Renaissance Fans: These sheets also work well with other B/X "retroclone" games such as Chris Gonnerman's Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game, Gavin Norman's Old-School Essentials (formerly B/X Essentials), Daniel Proctor's Labyrinth Lord, James Raggi's Lamentations of The Flame Princess, some of the various OSR-based games by Night Owl Workshop and many other "red box" rules out there.

Note that these sheets will not be a good fit for playing with 1974's Dungeons & Dragons "white box" rules by Gygax and Arneson, nor with 1977's Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules by Gygax. They really won't work at all with the current Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition rules, but such characters are covered elsewhere on this site.